The Delightful Koopalings From Down The Lane

"That's down the Laaaaaaaaaane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-- The Delightful Koopalings correcting Numbuhs 3 1/2 and 3

The Delightful Koopalings From Down The Lane are Bowser's children similar to The Delightful Children From Down The Lane but they talk in a same monotone and their names are, Hip, Hop, Kootie Pie, Big Mouth, Kooky (similar to Kuki, Numbuh 3's name), Bully, and Cheatsy. Kootie Pie looks like Numbuh 3 1/2 almost. The Delightful Koopalings always got their plans foiled by the Kids Next Door Force, five KNDF Operatives joining forces with Sector V. Numbuh 1 1/2 is Mario, Numbuh 2 1/2 is Numbuh 3 1/2's cousin, Diego, Numbuh 3 1/2 is Dora herself, Numbuh 4 1/2 is Wario and Numbuh 5 1/2 is Roll, Megaman's younger sister. Mario is terrific commanding the Kids Next Door Force. Diego can make extremely terrific weapons. Dora herself sings extremely terrific just like Numbuh 3. Wario cannot be defeated. And Roll is a spy in command because she's a human. Roll also has the same hat as Numbuh 5 but it has a fraction of the number, 5 and a 1/2. The Delightful Koopalings always speak in perfect synchronization and stand together in group formation at all times. The Delightful Koopalings or DKFDTL will always lost to the Kids Next Door Force and they always lose. The Delightful Koopalings from Down the Lane are emotionless, creepy, and snobbish. They were more emotionless and cool-minded in the first few seasons, unless their plans are thwarted by the Kids Next Door Force. In later seasons, they show more emotion such as irritation, and become more insane in destroying their enemies. Even though they act as one single being, they acknowledge that they are 7 seperate koopalings that have individual names (as proved in Operation: U.N.D.E.R.C.O.V.E.R.) and can act individually. This goody-goody team of seven devious, well-mannered English children are arch rivals to the Kids Next Door Force. Why? Because they are snotty brats who do anything that grown ups tell them to. Also, they make it their business to interefere with any anti-adult activities the KNDF might be planning. While they are smarter and less clumsy, and much more organized than the KNDF, they are disadvantaged by the rigid meal times and curfews imposed upon them by their "Father".