07. Dreams to Dream (Tanya's Version) - Fievel Goes West OST-0

This will be Kuki's favorite song.

Kuki Sanban's Entrance

Kuki Sanban's Entrance

This was played when Kuki Sanban was hostess on The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular

Numbuh 3's page

Numbuh 3's page

Numbuh 3's page

Lovin' Kuki

Kuki in love

Kuki shrieking 2

Kuki with her teeth and uvula

Kuki Sanban

Numbuh 3

Singing Kuki 3

Kuki singing

"Kon'nichiwa everyone! My name will be Kuki Sanban, the youngest and the most adorable operative. Today, five new operatives are here for their new arrival. YAY! [Squeals] Their names are Mario, Diego, Dora, my best friend, Wario, and Roll, Mega Man's younger sister. When the camera zooms straight at my wiggling uvula, the Codename: Kids Next Door Force introduction starts."

--Kuki in the Codename: Kids Next Door Force introduction


Wailing Kuki

Kuki wails

--Numbuh 3

“I may be the KNDF’s favorite operative Dora, but I have my siiiiiiinging instiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiincts.”

--Numbuh 3 talking and singing to Numbuh 3 1/2

'I'll be on my way to hurt my enemies so bad."

--Kuki singing

"But not toniiiiiight

It's tearing me apaaaart

I've got to listen to my heaaaart

And right noooooow, I'm gonna staaaaaart



--Kuki singing a whistle note hold while her big uvula wiggles

I will not lose to a Great Big Loser like you! C'mon, Dora!!!!!"


"Don't you ever, ever call Rainbow Monkeys "stupid"!""

--Dora and Kuki

Kuki Dora Phoebe Anais Vanellope Bonnibel Bernadette Izzy Sandy Skyla Astrid Libby Korra Katara Cream Ami Amy Agnes Isabella Minnie Penny Tanya Téa Megan Mavis Tootie Dixie Dot Trixie Wanda Velma Wilma Betty Pebbles Lola Lilo Barbara Mimi Sora Nami Kari Patti Holly Sanban a.k.a. Numbuh 3 is a happy-go-lucky, 10-year-old Japanese demon who is in charge of Diversionary Tactics and is Medical Specialist of Sector V. She is the youngest and one of the two girl members alongside Numbuh 5 in her sector.

Numbuh 3's usual outfit is an over-sized green shirt, black leggings, green socks, and black and white chucks. She has long black hair with bangs. Her eyes are very thin, almost appearing closed most of the time, although she does open them wider on occasion. She has more alternative costumes than any other characters in the show. Numbuh 3 is described as the "sweet girl" of Sector V, with a short attention span, but long on charm, speaking in an Asian accent, and often alludes to her being Japanese. She is girly, optimistic, bubbly, dizzy-headed, clueless, kind, caring, patient, gentle, and arguably smarter than her teammate, Numbuh 4, upon whom she harbors a crush, as seen throughout the show. She loves Rainbow Monkeys, which she collects, fantasizes about, and has extensive knowledge about. Due to her great love for Rainbow Monkeys, she will often irrationally defend them, occasionally allowing her insanely aggressive side to show (generally accompanied by her face turning Satan). Despite being generally good natured, she will occaisionally have similar explosive tantrums when she is ignored or doesn't get what she wants. She sounds similar to Dora and her singing was terrific. Her career of loving Rainbow Monkeys intensifies. She also transforms into her favorite Pokémon. Even her wisp power in the air. She not only loved Rainbow Monkeys, but her favorite dragon as well as her other favorite dragon in addition of her other other favorite dragon and her other other other favorite dragon even her other other other other favorite dragon. Her uvula wiggles when she sings and screams. She also grew wings, her eyes are heart-shaped, and a halo representing a tenshi, a Japanese angel. She will also follow in her friend's footsteps. Her whistle notes have the ability to repair everything, including the damage from the brutal storms and shattering all the glass bottles trapping all her friends. She sings many songs that warms peoples' hearts up, including her own song. One night at the hospital, she was able to make all the brutally hurt patients feel better. She talks in her voice, the young girl voices, woman voices and Emily's voice. Her uvula flies when she shrill shrieks. She lets Dora sleep in her room every night. She has teeth shown every time she speaks. Well no shrap sherlock! Her uvula not also has the ability to wiggle and fly, but to slide left and right. It can also dance and bleed. A similar character to her in Teen Titans is named Starfire. This plays when her eyes began to shine while the villains eyes, not so much. Another character in the PPG was named Bubbles. Her power in the KNDF is to make someone fall in love with her using her favorite move as well as her other favorite move. Her power also makes hearts fly sky high. She wishes to be a Japanese princess permanently. She will also eat anything extremely sweet. Every CKNDF Introduction was triggered when her uvula wiggles. Every introduction starts with Roll, Abigail, Wario, Wallabee, Dora, herself, Diego, Hoagie, Mario and Nigel. She has an extremely close bond with Dora. She is considered to be a sweet witch who can summon the ghost train on every Halloween Special and being extremely helpful to Santa Claus in every Christmas Special. She can also run her own circus. She can also sing a song when riding on a locomotive. Not only does she sing, but she is an extremely useful babysitter. She also wails in absolute sadness when someone or somebody shatters her heart. During her childhood at a young age, she wails when her toys are broken. Her mother takes great care of her. When she starts wailing, fountains of tears began firing right out of her eyes. Her mother sings a song that made her daughter squeal in absolute happiness. She also owns her own magical wishing well. She is obsessed with babies, rainbows, dancing, singing and other adorable animals. If the heroine was left behind, she will feel so very sorrowful that she will wail like a bunch of wailing babies including the adorable Blanky. She is sweet, kind, innocent, timid, shy, childlike, upset, beautiful, outspoken, talkative, friendly, and emotional. Her fear is the absolute freezing sub-zero cold chill. When she sings, musical notes come flying out of her wiggling uvula and out her mouth. She likes vomiting up her stomach contents on people and then eats the people and digests them into poop. The childlike heroine always plays with her dolls and she will be a singer one day. Kuki and Dora are terrific singers. With a golden heart inside her body, she sings to revive all the humans and animals that are dead. She can cough up her heart and play with it. She likes squirting fresh blood from her hear all over her face. She then dies. She also sings a song while flying sky high. As a child, she plays with her friends and always goes with her mother. Dreams to Dream is what she always sings and her singing voice is replaced by Cathy Cavadini, an actress who also voiced Tanya, Fievel's sister. She never lets them down. She has her own flower garden. She has the same personalities like Blanky and Chris as well as Goombella. She also wears a butterfly costume every Halloween. On Christmas Eve, she helps clear the obstacles so that the Polar Express will arrive at the North Pole on time. On her hair were three flowers with immensely sweet aromas. She and her mother are very sweet and so is her father. She also became an ally for the Babies Next Door Force. She also sings when underwater. She also loves all her friends in the whole wide world. Her entire body was filled as much as 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999, 999,999 tons of love. She always travels with Santa Claus and his favorite dragon. She also sings when she travels down her own road. She also sang the operatic high note. Hoagie sings when traveling down his own road. She always tidys up somebody else's rooms. She also sings to everybody in town and spreads love everywhere. Her uvula wiggles all day and all night, making her a singer like all of them including Tanya. Singers like Kuki make the audience laugh while the woman plays a rimshot. She's been adored by all people, including babies. Mistralton City is where she trains her Lilligant. She also sings when in the Mistralton City Airport. Wallabee will be training with his favorite Pokémon. Skyla adores her along with every Trainer, Pokemon and Gym leader. Kootie Pie shared this tantrum with her. She also gives out candy during Halloween and Christmas. She has been friends with Dora. When she saw the monsters, she shrieks on top of her voice. At every day, she felt kind, joyful, sweet, childish, gentle, opimistic, innocent, beautiful, cute, but also quite gullible and incredibly naive. In short, she's lovable, but a bit of a pushover. Her singing voice is so peaceful and relaxing. When her ears start wiggling, it sounds like the bells. She also makes snow persons, snow angels, and blows snow with her S.N.O.W.B.L.O.W.E.R. She also rides on front of the Polar Express. She also gives bronze, silver and gold medals during every Olympic game. In Japan her ancestral homeland, she teaches children to learn Japanese. In Mexico, she teaches them Spanish. She teaches them Chinese when she is in China. She also transforms into Super Kuki, her graceful heroine form. She's also multilingual. As an adorable baby, her mother lifted her up and her baby daugther squealed happily and clapped her tiny baby hands. As she saw the three Powerpuff Girls defeated, she lets loose a Sonic Shriek, a move that's extremely similar to Bubbles's Sonic ScreamHer favorite song is sung along with the lyrics. "Dreams to dream

In the dark of the night When the world goes wrong I can still make it right I can see so far in my dreams I'll follow my dreams Until they come true

Come with me You will see what I mean There's a world inside No one else ever sees You will go so far in my dreams Somewhere in my dreams Your dreams will come true

There is a star Waiting to guide us Shining inside us When we close our eyes

Don't let go If you stay close to me In my dreams tonight You will see what I see Dreams to dream As near as can be Inside you and me They always come true." She has worn many outfits during her adventures and missions. Same as the Love and Rainbow Dragons, she blew out rainbow stars and hearts. She also has wings and a tail of a Love Dragon. Her tongue never gets stuck on a frozen flag pole, not even once. Flick from A Christmas Story got his tounge stuck on a frozen flag pole. She tried to force the adorable kid's tounge free, but no avail.  She called 911 on her magical phone. They came and forced Flick's tounge out of the flag pole and they did it thanks to the heroic lass. She also helps out all her animal friends. She also wiggles her uvula when she sings to the lyrics with the letter A at the end. Her uvula wiggles just the same as Kim Possible in the show, "Hidden Talent" when she tries to sing a high note. Her uvula will always wiggle. She has been adored by every other people, including everyone around the world. Kuki is otherwise known as "The Most Adorable Girl in the KNDF". She also has her hair waving in the breeze. Her eyes are alright but when she gets them bigger, her eyes have irises and pupils. When her toes start wiggling, a xylophone was played. The hearts are her symbols for love. Her teeth are always shiny. She also has been sweet to others and has a motherly side. Dora also has a motherly side. Kuki's heart beats at a perfect pace. Valentine's Day is her favorite holiday. She also finds adorable babies and gave them a new home. Her heart is quite useful. Her eyes sparkled in the light. As an adorable, carefree kid, she saw the criminals and gave the bank robbers the adorable sparkly eyes. This gave time for the police to arrest them, except for her. The police gave this adorable lass a ride on their car. She then got off and on the train. A steam train to be exact. She sang merrily when she travels. She then yawns when her uvula wiggles and went to a deep slumber. Her uvula can grow and consume people. Her uvula can rap around her and squeeze her to death. She then travels around the world by airplane. She got in every city and country. She also is a nurse for that matter. Adorable girls like her also sings relaxing songs. Her hair was infused with the power of love. In the Cartoon Network Crossover version of Mario Party 8, she got her own space. She names it the "Kuki Space". The Kuki Space has the same effect as the Lucky SpacePinkie Pie has similar traits to the adorable lass. She always says, "Cross My Heart, Hope to Fly, Stick a Cupcake in My Eye." Her voice sounds like one quadrillion babies. She also sang when at her route. She once thought that Winnie was too adorable. She then has her theme song called All Around the World by ATC. She has been sweet to others. When she celebrates Valentine's Day, she gives out valentines that are shaped like hearts. She also has been friends with everybody. When the things go terribly wrong, she will drop on the floor squealing hysterically. She also sang a song in a singing voice, "Think of me, Think of me fondly when we've said goodbye

Remember me, Once in a while please promise me you'll try

When you find, that once again you long

to take your heart back and be free

If you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me. We never said our love was evergreen 'or as unchanging as the sea 'but if you can still remember 'stop and think of me. 'Think of all the things we've said and seen 'don't think about the way things might have been. 'Think of me, Think of me waking silent and resigned. 'Imagine me, trying too hard to put you from my mind. 'Recall those days, look back on all those times. 'Think of the things we'll never do. 'There will never be day 'when I won't think of you. 'Flowers fade 'the foods of summer fade 'they have their seasons so do we 'but please promise me that sometimes 'you will think 'aaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaah aaah aaah aaah aaaaaaa'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAA'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'AAAAAA'of me." In Dragonvale, she has her favorite habitat and she also has a Storage Tower for the storage. She also gives 1,000,000 magical gems to everyone. Similar to the princess, she wore her rainbow dress with hearts. She always warps to the third island. The old theme song for her as the Great Pink Ninja is thisLovable and cuddly, Kuki represents the innocence of the KNDF. Having a horrible case of ADD, Kuki Sanban always has a smile on her face and brightens up the day for all. Also in Dragonvale, her favorite quote is "Never enter a staring contest with a Lightning Dragon." She also sang this song as the Great Pink Ninja. She defends her Oriental hometown from evil. She has known to have the same weapons the ninja has. Weapons to hurt the villains and some to heal her ninja allies. She's the only girl in the KNDF to have multiple zoom ins straight at her wiggling uvula and out. She may be a sweetheart of the KNDF, but she will always sing for all her friends in the whole wide world. She is a master baker and saves time. She's also the one to have her singing voice changed. She squeals hysterically when a penguin named Tux says the word, "Zing" at the end of his jokes. She also was a fairy to save her friends from oncoming disasters like a combination tornadoes, lightning, and hail. She also sang a song about tornadoes. In My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, she 'became friends with ''Pinkie Pie. She also is a rainbow pony in PonyvilleLauren Tom voices the adorable little lass. The new theme song for the Great Pink Ninja is this. Kuki herself is one of the most lovable girls she ever was. In the Codename: Kids Next Door Force introduction, she did the exact same thing in the Codename: Kids Next Door introduction excepting that the normal KND theme was replaced by the lovely sounds of the harp and bells. If her Rainbow Monkeys are defended by someone, she will be thrilled. Kuki also has been the distraction of villains. She may be a singer, but she smelled the Rainbow Monkey scent with her heart.