Numbuh 363 1/2 or Numbuh 35 1/2

"I Got PK Powers and I ain't afraid to use them!"

-- Numbuh 363 1/2

"You know what they say Kuki, the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

-- 'Numbuh 35 1/2

Maximilian "Max" Bartie Harvey McKenzie Stork is the younger brother of May and he began to fight adults not the ones he loves and Dora, Roll, Kuki and Abigail were very fond of him He is one of the operatives of the KNDF who has PK Powers like Ness and he cares for his friends. He also is a KNDF operative stationed at the Kids Next Door Moonbase. He is responsible for informing other operatives when they are summoned to the Moonbase and is one of two people (along with Numbuh 86 1/2) to have the password for the Maximum Security Vault. His wisp power lets him soar high in the sky. He will also follow both Bartie and Harvey's footsteps.