Bowser, father of the Koopalings

"I am most unsatisfied Koopalings, most unsatisfied."


Bowser is Mario's most hatred arch-enemy. He is a huge, burly, green-shelled Koopa with spikes, horns, and hair. His bushy eyebrows and mane are fittingly a bright, fiery red-orange and has bright red eyes. He sports two small horns, many spikes on his shell (similar to a Spiny), as well as along his tail. He wears several spiked collars around his neck and arms. He has three claws on each of his massive feet, which support his impressive girth. He has three claw-tipped fingers and a thumb on each hand, and his arms are noticeably burly, indicating his vast physical strength. While his face and his shell are green, his underbelly and snout are flesh-colored (occasionally depicted as being closer to tan or even yellow), and his tail and limbs are an orange-tinged yellow. He is the most powerful of all. Kuki herself thought that he should be called the "Great Big Loser". Mario agrees with her. Bowser has what it takes to defeat the KNDF. Luckily, Dora herself can withstand powerful attacks.